Jimmy Haun

Jimmy is one of the industry’s top commercial music composers. He has won countless Clio’s and AICP awards, working with the biggest names in the business.

Being the son of opera singer Rouvaun music was in his blood. Jimmy got his start in music early. By the time he was 15 he was playing with professional bands when his high school principle advised him to quit school and follow his promising musical career. He took his advice, moved to Los Angeles, landed his first record deal with A&M and soon found himself touring with such rock legends and Sheryl Crow, Yes and Air-Supply.

While recording guitar on Yes’ Union album, Haun met producer Jonathan Elias who quickly brought him in as Elias Arts senior composer.

Some of Haun’s awards include: Nike “Frozen Moment” (Clio), Nike “Leslie” (Clio), Nike “Shade Runner” (Clio/First Boards Award), Nike “Lewis” (Clio), Nike “Dolan” (Clio), Budweiser “Lobster” (Clio), Coca-Cola “Things We Share” (Clio), Audi “Lives” (Clio/AICP).

Scoring & Soundtrack credits:

  • The Clapper 2018
  • Nanoblood 2016
  • Coming To 2015
  • Man Down 2015
  • Hanky Panky 2014
  • Boulevard 2014
  • Empire State 2013
  • The Haun Solo Project: Addicted 2012
  • The Son of No One 2011
  • Fighting 2009
  • For Tomorrow: The First Step of the Revolution 2008
  • A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints 2006
  • The Tripper 2006
  • Faking the Video (TV series) 2004
  • Perfect Fit 2001
  • The Invisible Man (TV Series) 2000
  • Pensecola: Wings of Gold (TV series) 1999
  • Leprechaun 2 1994
  • Highway to Hell 1991